Connection is the most transformative force on the planet.

Many people trying to change the world for the better just bulldoze their way into a situation. But when we build connections and understanding with people different from us, we find real solutions. My goal is to build these connections through filmmaking by telling the universal stories we all share.

I have been creating documentary films, working internationally, and contributing to research on environmental protection for most of my adult life. In 2008 I moved to Madagascar to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the environment sector. There are 2 factors that make me feel particularly responsible for telling this story: my understanding of the Malagasy language and culture, and my perspective as a woman. Few, if any, films have focused on individual stories of climate change. Women, despite being responsible for much of the farming around the world and bearing the greatest impact of climate change, are usually excluded or relegated to the background. It is time to change the discussion around climate change, and bring greater awareness to how people are being impacted right now.

My Malagasy host family during Peace Corps training, 2008


Maureen Lee Maloney earned Master’s degrees in Biology (MS) and International Communication (MA). As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, she received many hours of cultural and language training. She also developed the ability to integrate into other cultures, which will provide her with the opportunity to create an intimate portrayal of the Malagasy people that would not otherwise be possible. Her perspective as a woman enables her to understand and emphasize the gravity of the issues women farmers are facing, and her understanding of the multitude of ways that climate change is impacting our world affords her the ability to connect the big picture of what is happening to the small scale impacts on one family.

Maureen has dedicated her life to environmental protection, from starting a student chapter of the Sierra Club as an undergraduate, to sailing across the Pacific Ocean studying the Giant Garbage Patch with the Ocean Cleanup Mega Expedition. During her time as a Peace Corps Volunteer she worked with local women to develop alternative forms of income, and helped fishermen conserve the coral reef near their village. This is the first of many films she plans to create that will bring the human rights perspective to environmental discussions.


Samson Kaed, Producer

Samson Kaed was born and raised in the vanilla region of Antalaha, Madagascar. Currently he studies Communication in the capital city of Antananarivo. He founded the English Association of the Region SAVA, a program that involves youth in learning and speaking English throughout the Sava region, and is a well known composer under the name SmK’ Mikol’Art. Samson has a lot of experience educating others, as a librarian for CLUE, a cultural facilitator at Peace Corps Madagascar, and many other companies. He recently traveled around the world for 6 months with Up With People, and is now working on Bright Top III to develop good leaders in Madagascar. He loves music and helping people.

Andrea Nordgren, Associate Producer

Andrea Nordgren is an independent director, producer, and creative director focused on commercial and branded content, with a specialty in documentary-style storytelling. Much of her directorial work is centered around telling human and emotional stories, particularly about people who have overcome adversity. She has a degree in psychology and worked as a drug counselor in New York and Chicago before launching her 20+ year in advertising and media. She is a voice and activist for diversity and inclusion, social justice, equality, and belonging. After working for many years in advertising and production in Chicago and Milwaukee, she relocated to the Boulder, Colorado area where she is a director as well as a board member for Women in Film and Media in Colorado. She is also Head of Brand Strategy and Executive Producer/Director for The 3% Movement, where she actively advocates for increased diversity and inclusion in the advertising and media industries.

Greg Campbell, Advisor

Greg is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker, nonfiction author, and journalist. His film, Hondros, premiered in 2017 at Tribeca Film Festival and won the Audience Award, Documentary First Place. His bestselling book, “Blood Diamonds”, inspired the six-time Oscar nominated movie of the same name starring Leonard DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly.