Gaelle Borgia

Gaelle Borgia is a Pulitzer prize-winning Malagasy journalist. She has worked as a journalist in Madagascar for 10 years, reporting for major media like France 24, BBC, and TV5Monde. Gaelle has strong ties to vanilla, her father and grandmother both hailing from the vanilla capital, Sambava.

Maureen Lee Maloney

Maureen Lee Maloney, MS, MA, specializes in creating documentary content related to culture, science, and international issues. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, and has lived and filmed throughout Africa, South America, and Asia


Samson Kaed,

Samson Kaed was born and raised in the vanilla region of Antalaha, Madagascar. Currently he studies Communication in the capital city of Antananarivo. He founded the English Association of the Region SAVA, and has a lot of experience educating others, as a librarian for CLUE, a cultural facilitator at Peace Corps Madagascar, and many other companies.

Greg Campbell, Advisor

Greg is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker, nonfiction author, and journalist. His film, Hondros, premiered in 2017 at Tribeca Film Festival and won the Audience Award, Documentary First Place. His bestselling book, “Blood Diamonds”, inspired the six-time Oscar nominated movie of the same name starring Leonard DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly.

Karen Whitehead, Advisor

Karen is the award-winning producer/director of IMITATING LIFE – THE AUDACITY OF SUZANNE HEINTZ (2020) and HER AIM IS TRUE (2013). She is an accomplished journalist and former television producer.