Although many take vanilla for granted, this difficult and dangerous crop could be a lifeline out of poverty for farmers in Madagascar. Will the women responsible for vanilla cultivation be able to weather the storms that threaten their livelihoods?

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Voice of Vanilla, is a documentary film that sheds light on the stories of rural women and the broken system that perpetuates poverty and inequality among vanilla farmers in Madagascar. At the center of our film is Joby Denise, a typical vanilla farmer who spends her days scouring the jungle for vanilla flowers, a delicate orchid that only blooms for a few hours before it will die and fall off.

Farming vanilla was once hard work, but simple for Joby. However, in recent years, she and other farmers have encountered novel insects and diseases that ravage their crops, as well as frequent and powerful cyclones that destroy homes and food crops. On top of these challenges, vanilla farmers also face a volatile market and the exploitation of middlemen who take a cut of their profits, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

Through the stories of Joby and other farmers, our film aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by vanilla farmers and to inspire dialogue and collaboration in finding solutions to these challenges. We want to showcase the resilience, strength, and ingenuity of the farmers who are fighting to preserve their livelihoods and their environment in the face of climate change and economic instability.

Join us on this journey to uncover the truth behind one of the world’s most beloved commodities and to support the women and farmers at the heart of the vanilla industry.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a world where marginalized voices are heard, and their stories inspire meaningful change.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the challenges faced by rural women vanilla farmers in Madagascar and to inspire dialogue and collaboration in finding solutions to these challenges. Through our film, we aim to promote investment in climate adaptation and resilience measures, prioritize women’s stories, and ensure that farmers receive a living income. Our goal is to create a powerful call to action that addresses some of the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues of our time.

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