Virtual Film Screening

Our short documentary will screen at festivals around the world, but you can watch it first!

Then join us for a Q+A/ Feedback Session to tell us what you think. Your feedback is valued and important to the development of the full-length version.

WATCH the film anytime from Nov 14- 24, 2023 at this link

JOIN the Q+A via Zoom on Friday, Nov 24 at 1pm EST. Register here.

UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2023

Today, the UNEP unveiled the 2023 Adaptation Gap Report, and the findings are stark. The adaptation finance gap looms at a staggering US$194-366 billion annually, while international public adaptation finance to developing countries has regrettably dipped by 15%.
For nations like Madagascar, grappling with the twin challenges of desertification and devastating cyclones, this translates into millions enduring food insecurity, subsequently impacting access to education, healthcare, and, most crucially, the ability to shape a livable future for the next generation.
It’s disheartening that support for women, social inclusion, and regions in crisis remains underfinanced. VOICE OF VANILLA, the documentary I’m working on, strives to reveal our profound connection to the resilient farmers of Madagascar and underscores the urgent need to bolster climate adaptation initiatives.
Let’s stand together to make a difference.