Independent films are made with the support of many people who share in the mission of that film. We are honored to have the following people joining us on the journey to create Voice of Vanilla.

Julia Beck
James Nelson
Sheila Schroeder
Joanne Butcher
Amy Daley
Katie Gutilla
Olivia Quintana
Matt Houck
Dan Luciano
David & Estrellita Kidston
Andrea West
Ann Rist
Drew Smith
Kyle & Kristen Conrad
Dorian McCall
Birding By Ear
AnnMarie Parker
Terry Kraser
Barbara Gross

Peggy Wantwadi
Anthony Duran
Will Long
Charity Dorrance
Lisa Salerno
Rachel Langford
Ashleigh & David Ellsworth-Keller
Lily Binford
Katie Cook
Marteene & Oanh
Rebecca Craig
Rachel Eisentstat
Aaron Sidder
Alicia Persich
Rose Kidston
Jared Sibbitt
Nathaniel Engle
Jackie Sutter